We're a brand marketing agency creating memorable experiences that add business value. What can we do for you?

Within the architectural, engineering and construction industries, we position firms to attract and win them new business with positioning, branding and focused marketing plans. It’s our specialty!
For the biotech industry, we assist start-ups seeking VC funding and produce product launches that deliver effective messaging through strong marketing and design.
We engage consumers by finding the most compelling place to tell your story as we expand existing brands and create new opportunities.
Our comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of educational marketing and branding has provided clients with effective work that meets their objectives.
We create compelling customer experiences and provide design services to the professional hospitality industry.
We engage clients in the creative process to enhance their presence in the marketplace. Our services include attorneys, finance, public relations and the A/E/C industry.

Bring Your Brand To Life. Storytelling Is Not Just for Kids

Over this past year, I’ve been asked to meet with companies that are ready to make some changes in the way their firms are represented. Our approach starts with 'the story.' In working with clients, the transformation begins by realizing that your brand is an ongoing story...

I Met Muhammad Ali

On Friday, Muhammad Ali finally succumbed to Parkinson's. As a contemporary of Ali, I followed his career from the Rumble in the Jungle to the Supreme Court case for his failing to enlist during the Vietnam war. I sympathized with his plight. As a kid, I saw aircraft carriers bringing thousands of soldiers to fight in Vietnam–many of them never coming back home. I watched Bob Hope at Christmas time telling jokes and showcasing beautiful women to entertain troops for the holidays. His show always made me cry.

Summer Internship Openings

Studio 2055 is accepting applications for our Summer Internship Program for graphic designers, website developers, marketing and social media talent.