Start on the Ground Floor

Your brand is where your story begins and is the basis that ensures you’ll reach your target audience. What you say, where you say it and how it's delivered influences how you are perceived.

Approach to Brand Strategy with San Diego creative studio



Implement our Brand Equity Value™
Conduct Brand Audit
Discover Points-of-Difference


Establish Budget and Schedule
Define Deliverables
Coordinate Project Management


Determine Brand Messaging
Create Concept and Design
Complete Production and Launch


Report Analytics
Review Results and ROI
Alter Direction or Continue Momentum

We Get Branding and Get It Right

Each project begins with research – with the Studio’s Brand Equity Value™ (BEV) assessment to reveal pertinent details about your firm. The results guide us to define your brand profile and what differentiates you. We then formulate a design system that extends throughout all of your marketing efforts.


  • Corporate Brand Strategy and Analysis
  • Brand Profiles
  • Corporate and Client Audits
  • Competitive Research
  • Personal Branding
  • Image and Identity Studies
  • Name Development
  • Brand Style Guides
  • Product Launches


"2013 is our 20th anniversary. We wanted a dynamic, representative brand image that appeals to our industry. Studio 2055's creative, strategic and digital talent is exactly what we needed to successfully rebrand ourselves and pave the way for future growth."

Chuck Hope, Principal, Hope-Amundson Structural Engineers

"Studio 2055 handled all aspects of the AERO Group branding and website. My recommendation of the Studio not only reflects my faith in the team's ability and skills, but also their great project management strategies."

Alan Barge, President, AERO Group

What Can Branding or Rebranding Accomplish?

Attract core customers – A refined brand identity can help generate leads and close sales. When core customers and professional partners are ready to make referrals, your brand can provide the credibility to back up their motivation.

Increase Company Equity – A well-defined brand increases the company’s value by attracting more customers, proof you deliver the “goods” and provides the foundation to meet business objectives.

Set standards for operational performance – It helps decide what level of service and expertise is required to maintain your competitive advantage, fulfill your promise and live up to your firm’s values.

Relay your story – As a result of our collaboration, new brand messaging and imagery will reflect your reputation, values and integrity, resulting in an accurate portrayal of your firm’s story.

Relate to your audience/demonstrate trust – With the right positioning and messaging, potential clients will identify with the firm’s service and relationships. A shift in focus from a firm-centered site to a client-centered site will reinforce the company’s values.

Identity design is at the center of brand recognition.